Of German birth and ancestry Hon. Reynold Linder, son of August Linder a hardware merchant, came to the United States and settled in San Francisco. There he secured employment with Treadwell & Company, wholesale hardware merchants. After thirteen years with this house he became connected with D.M. Osborne & Company, dealers in agricultural implements.

In 1884, he purchased an interest in an agricultural implement business in Tulare, where he moved in 1888. In 1900 the Linder Hardware Company was incorporated and soon after a general stock of hardware was added. In 1902 the Linder block was erected on the corner of Kern Avenue and “K” Street and enabled Linder Hardware to become a "one-stop-shop" for hardware, clothing, household needs, wagons, buggies, farm implements, and groceries. Linder's was a place for the local citizenry to gather for business and to discuss "important issues" of the day.

Linder Hardware became a McCormick Deering agricultural equipment dealer in 1894. In 1902 McCormick Deering became International Harvester. As the business evolved, it was necessary to distinguish the agricultural equipment and supply business from the hardware business; as a result Linder Equipment was formed. Linder Equipment moved to its present location at 311 E. Kern Avenue in 1963.

Over the years, Linder Equipment Company has continued to expand their business. In the later part of 1960, this expansion included the formation of an agricultural equipment rental company. By offering a variety of tractors and implements for rent, Linder Equipment Rental has become an integral part of Linder Equipment's sales and marketing organization. A truck repair shop, along with a cotton picker/machine shop are also integral parts of Linder's business to this day.

In 1985, International Harvester was merged with J.I. Case Company to form what is now known as Case IH. With the formation of Case IH, Linder Equipment Company acquired the local J.I. Case dealership to become the local Case IH equipment dealer. Along with Case IH agricultural equipment and tractors, Linder Equipment Company represents Kubota and CLAAS products, as well as many other manufacturers of agricultural and consumer products.

Linder Equipment Company continues to place emphasis on excellence in sales and service. They are committed to growth and expansion by providing quality products and services to fulfill the current and future equipment needs of the Central San Joaquin Valley agribusiness community.