Hay Tools

Hay Tools

Perfectly coordinated – harvesting systems from CLAAS.

CLAAS has been the first name in forage for nearly a century. Our current line of DISCO disc mowers/conditioners, LINER rakes and VOLTO tedders deliver top performance and long lasting quality. We're sure to have equipment that is the perfect fit for your farm.

For daily grassland-based operations, you need more than just robust machinery; you need technology that is easy to work with – reliable technology that works in unison when the going gets tough and there seems to be no end in sight. And you need harvesting systems that piece together seamlessly.

As a leading equipment manufacturer of hay equipment, CLAAS provides the ideal harvesting chain for any farm or business size. Our coordinated machines support you in your day-to-day operations and enable you to achieve optimal results in forage harvesting.

DISCO Mowers + Mower Conditioners

Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest DISCO model to the largest. Equipped with the MAX CUT mower bar, all CLAAS mowers deliver unmatched durability, optimal crop quality, and the versatility to adapt to any sized operation.

  • Top chop quality with the MAX CUT mower bar
  • Perfect cut, with no stripe marks from dirt on the bar
  • Smooth running, even at high speeds
  • Innovative bolt concept for maximum deflection and impact resistance, even under extreme loads
  • Low diesel consumption, thanks to ACTIVE FLOAT and the economy PTO (850 rpm)
  • SAFETY LINK reliably protects the drive train, and is quickly replaced when required
DISCO Mowers + Mower Conditioners


Taking raking to a whole new dimension

From the single rotor rake, dual rotor central or side discharger, to the four rotor large-scale rake, CLAAS has the perfect solution to master any challenge

Runs like clockwork

  • Exclusive to CLAAS: continuously lubricated and airtight rotor housing
  • PROFIX tine arm bracket: zero play and wear-resistant
  • Three-dimensional ground-contour following, thanks to the fully floating suspension
  • Transport height reduced to below 13.1 ft (4.0 m) without removing individual tine arms

VOLTO tedders

Better spreading for shorter drying times.

To keep drying times to a minimum and ensure excellent forage quality, the VOLTO tedder range from CLAAS offers state-of-the-art drawbar hitching technology with working widths of 17 ft to 42 ft 8 in (5.2 to 13 m). The result is superior performance, work quality and operating comfort.

  • MAX SPREAD crop flow concept
  • CLAAS power flow drawbar for smooth and safe movement over the ground
  • Good directional control at any speed
  • Adjusting to the situation: the optional guide wheel
  • Patented power transmission: the PERMALINK finger clutch
  • An easier tedding operation with robust spreader arms
  • Robust, securely attached tines