Precision Farming

Precision Farming

Gain time. Save money.

The combined electronics expertise of CLAAS can be summed up in a single word: EASY. Efficient Agriculture SYstems.

From machine optimization with CEMOS AUTOMATIC, third party steering and mapping systems, TELEMATICS to DataConnect for open exchange of machine data, EASY makes it all simple.

EASY Precision farming solutions by CLAAS.

CLAAS delivers a trifecta of technologies to offer the ultimate precision ag combinations for your equipment. Be it a LEXION, JAGUAR, or XERION, EASY technology is built on smart equipment, open platforms, and advanced digital tools.

Smart equipment improves operation and performance in the field. These systems utilize innovation over inclination. Sensor technology has enabled autonomous features and functionality to unleash the full harvesting potential to deliver unprecedented return on investment from the operator’s cab.

Open platforms give our customers the power of choice. The best agriculture equipment paired with the best precision components from companies such as Ag Leader and Trimble allow our machines to seamlessly fit into your precision farming ecosystem.

Advanced digital tools place the CLAAS farmer into the progressive category of tech savvy. The power of mobility and cloud-based offerings brings the harvest to your device at your fingertips. At the office or on the go, stay in the loop and stay in control.

Variable Rate Harvesting

Precision agriculture isn’t the wave of the future. It’s happening right now, and variable rate technologies are a large part of new farming practices that are being adopted. That’s why CLAAS is advancing new precision technologies to help growers keep pace, even when it comes to harvesting.

CLAAS introduces Variable Rate Harvesting™ (VRH) for EASY (Efficient Agriculture Systems) technology in self-propelled combines and forage harvesters. VRH will help farmers embrace variability in their fields with zone management practices to maximize productivity in areas that have the greatest yield potential.

The concept of Variable Rate Harvesting is the same as other variable rate technologies that are changing operational practices of equipment, minimizing or controlling inputs and maximizing outputs.

With the proper tools, Variable Rate Harvesting can maximize performance based on yield, moisture, crop conditions, crop volume and topography. It reduces labor, fuel and machine size costs, while improving throughput, grain retention and feed quality and harvesting speed.

Open Platforms

The satellite-based GPS Steering on the LEXION combine harvester uses global positioning to guide the machine automatically through the field with accuracy down to the inch. Gone are the days of overlapping in the field. The LEXION offers an open architecture structure for select third-party precision farming technology providers. Farmers are able to choose between the popular Ag Leader and Trimble GPS steering solutions. Both steering systems operate the CLAAS AUTO PILOT valve, which can be activated via the AUTO PILOT button on the Multi-Function handle.

The CLAAS CANBus system also delivers a data pipeline to the platform for high quality yield and moisture mapping.

Open Platforms

Digital Tools

The manufacturer-independent, cloud-to-cloud solution developed by CLAAS, John Deere and 365FarmNet (a leading farm management solution available exclusively in select European countries) facilitates the exchange of data via a common interface. It gives mixed machinery operations the ability to control and monitor their entire fleeting using their favorite system.

With DataConnect, users can choose their preferred data platform and incorporate data from their entire fleet. The machine data stored in CLAAS TELEMATICS, John Deere Operations Center, or 365FarmNet portals can be exchanged in real time from one cloud to the other. The key benefit to the user is that all the necessary machine configurations are available in one system.

DataConnect enables the exchange of all important machinery data, including current and historical machine location, fuel tank level, current working status and forward speed. Transmission of agronomic data is also being planned.

The companies involved with DataConnect will also be collaborating with ongoing Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) projects. In fact, the open architecture of DataConnect will allow for expansion into other systems.

Digital Tools